A Precinct 1 Harris County Deputy Constable, his partner and the entire department are making it their mission to return items stolen during home break-ins to their rightful owners.

Deputy Joe Bowden and partner Deputy A.B Barfield are two deputies for the Harris County Precinct 1 Constable's Office.

They were tasked with trying to find a bike stolen from a home on Summer Street last week.

The bike belongs to Dylan Mace, who just moved in to the neighborhood with roommates.

"I expected nothing good to happen out of this," said Mace. "I thought it was a loss for sure."

Bowden and Barfield went to work, taking reports as usual but then going a step further.

"We're doing community policing at Precinct One," Deputy Bowden said. "This way you get out and you talk to people. You do a lot of footwork and you go hunt stuff down: the whole department is doing it now."

After goings to pawn shops in the area, Bowden found the stolen item.

"I get some surprised reactions but I love it every time because like I said, most people don't expect to get their stuff back," said Deputy Bowden.

Mace was surprised and grateful.

"We moved in here last week--this is our first week in the house," Mace said. "It wasn't off to a good start but I'm pretty happy now."

Oddly enough, Dylan Mace's neighbor was Deputy Bowden's chief suspect in the case. Later, Marc Marciniec was charged with burglary of a habitation for allegedly stealing the bike and pawning it.