HOUSTON - A Houston couple accused in a murder-for-hire plot will be held with no bond.

Leon Jacob, 40, and Valerie McDaniel, 48, are charged with solicitation of capital murder.

Police say they tried to hire an undercover officer to kill both of their ex-lovers.

The pair was reportedly willing to pay $10,000 for each murder plus two Cartier watches.

Investigators say Jacob wanted to kill his ex-girlfriend. He was recently charged with stalking her and allegedly told the undercover officer he wanted her taken care of so she couldn’t testify.

McDaniel, Jacob’s live in girlfriend, is accused of hiring someone to kill her ex-husband.

Investigators say she agreed that the undercover officer would make it look like a “robbery gone bad” by staging a carjacking and shooting the victim.

According to court records, police sent the couple staged photographs to make it look like the hits were completed.

Police say part of the payment was made before the crimes, then the couple made an additional payment after receiving the staged photographs.

Jacob and McDaniel’s next court appearance is scheduled for Monday.