HOUSTON - A mother whose baby was the victim of gun violence in Meyerland is demanding something be done about crime in her neighborhood.

She was driving near their home on Mullins Drive with her one year old in the car in May when gunfire pierced the back driver's side door and hit her baby.

The toddler broke his femur but now his cast his off. The shooter is still on the run.

She and others came together for a community meeting at the Jewish Community Center Monday evening.

City leaders including Mayor Sylvester Turner, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo and Mayor Pro-Tem Ellen Cohen were also at the meeting.

The mother was glad HPD and especially Chief Acevedo were at the meeting.

"It has re-ignited the community as a whole," she said, still not wanting to be identified. "I think a lot of people share the same fears. They share the same goals and I think it's going to force people to work together like they haven't before."

She wanted to hear a multi-step plan about how they're dealing with gang activity. Instead, she felt like she heard fluff.

"I came here I'd say fairly optimistic," she said. "I wasn't planning on hearing rainbows and unicorns. The message that 'Houston is understaffed with police officers and we don't have the resources to remedy that' isn't a message that does anything to make me feel safer."

Chief Acevedo and Mayor Turner said they're using overtime to try and make up for the dearth of officers. The chief also said they're going after apartment complexes one by one to deal with gang activity.