Two Clear Brook High School students have been arrested for making threats to the school on social media.

The threat posted on Snapchat was reported to the school around 7:20 a.m. Thursday and the students were in custody by 8:45 a.m.

They are 9th and 10th grade boys.

The boys allegedly acted independently and posted images and a video of weapons with language referencing the Columbine massacre.

Thursday is the 18th anniversary of the mass shooting at the high school outside of Denver.

The Harris County District Attorney's Office released the following information about each case. 

"The subject is said to have forewarned students not to attend school today because he was going to shoot up the school. He posted a video on social media with a gun stating, he was practicing for tomorrow's shooting in his room. He told the assistant principal he was practicing for shooting up the school.”

“The Subject told several students not to come to school today because at 10:30 he was going to honor his heroes the “Columbine Shooters,” today. He posted a photo on social media of himself pointing a pistol at two schoolmates in the hallway.”

Clear Creek ISD said they would have extra officers at Clear Brook as a precaution.

"Whether this was a situation where the students were planning a prank, or calling out for attention or intending to cause harm, we treat each one of these situations with the same level of vigor," CCISD director of communications Elaina Polsen said.

Most of the students KHOU-11 spoke with said they believe it was a hoax, however it was still frightening.  They said many parents took their kids out of school for the remainder of the day.

School district officials said police searched the campus for firearms and explosives and did not find anything.  They say the school was never evacuated, however, additional police officers were brought to the school for the remainder of the day.

Parents were notified by the district.

“I realize this news may be unsettling,” the statement said. “But please be assured that your children are safe at school and this matter is being handled expeditiously.”