HOUSTON - In just a matter of weeks, gunfire killed one baby and injured another in Southwest Houston.

Thursday night, Houston's Police Chief Art Acevedo met with neighbors to assure them officers were hitting the streets looking for the gunmen.

Chief Acevedo said special teams were working in the Meyerland area even before the shooting happened.

Now, they're focusing their efforts on tracking down three suspects involved in the 10-month-old's death.

The child named Messiah was shot and killed Wednesday outside the Nob Hill Apartments. He was with his dad, who witnesses say was the target.

"A 10-month-old yesterday was killed by gunfire but the beat goes on, what heart has to stop beating before we wake up as Americans and say enough is enough?" said Chief Acevedo.

Police took two people into custody Thursday in the same area on unrelated charges. Investigators said they're not suspects, but will be questioned about the case.

This is the second baby shot in this part of town in just the last few weeks. The first was hit by random gunfire while the child's mom was driving home.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers.