HOUSTON -- Firefighters battled big flames at a Chevron gas station in north Houston Wednesday after a chase ended in a fiery crash.

As security cameras rolled, the SUV hopped a curve, hit a truck, crashed into a gas pump and burst into flames.

Surveillance cameras captured the crash on video.

“The big boom is what got everybody’s attention,” said Damarius Montesino. She and her 10-month-old daughter were across the street when they heard the explosion. “Thank God nothing happened. Had it been worse, it would have been heartbreaking for a lot of families.”

“It could have been a real tragedy,” said Keith Nathan, another witness. “Thank God it wasn’t anybody hurt or anything like.”

The suspect jumped out of the burning SUV and ran into the convenience store. He surrendered when police confronted him.

Joseph Long was at the store to buy a lottery ticket. He was hoping to hit the jackpot. Instead, the suspect hit his truck.

“I think they need to get rid of all these crooks and people drinking,” Long said.

Police say they were chasing the suspect because he was going the wrong way on a one-way street.