PEARLAND, Texas - Pearland Police are looking for four men caught on camera breaking into a home Saturday afternoon in the 11400 block of Harris Avenue.

Luckily the family who lives there wasn't home at the time.

The burglars are seen kicking in a back door and storming into the house with guns around 6:40 p.m. But the second they busted through the door, the alarm started to sound.

"Someone could have got killed, all three of them had guns," said Viet Vo. "They were ready to shoot."

The suspects circled the first floor a few times and after a quick run upstairs they decide to flee out the same door they'd just tore down.

"My neighbor heard the alarm from his house and he came out," said Vo.

That neighbor whipped out his cell phone and captured another glimpse of the burglars casually walking down the street guns still in hand toward the getaway driver.

"They didn't take nothing, it's scary," said Vo.

That quick thinking neighbor managed to catch a glimpse of the getaway car, a white Ford Focus that's seen jetting out of the neighborhood before police arrived.

Now Vo and Pearland Police hope someone recognizes who the suspects are.

"It could have been bad if we were at home," said Vo. "Thank God we weren't home."

If you have any information, call Pearland Police.