LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas- A family celebrates Thanksgiving and little do they know, a burglar is hid in their closet for 10 hours. Now, he's in jail and the family is packing heat for protection.

"Finished cooking Thanksgiving dinner, my daughter came over, we were playing cards, my daughter came over, we were just enjoying ourselves," said Tara Trevino, who lives in Liberty County.

"I kept hearing noises coming from the closet and it didn't really cross my mind that there would be anybody in there," said Justyn Lleverino, her son.

Surely, he thought nobody would actually be in his closet.

"I started reaching to open it and it felt a little tight like things were being pushed against it," said Lleverino.

He looked inside and didn't see anyone. However, earlier Friday morning, his mom noticed something was off.

"We went outside and saw water just shooting up outside my son's bedroom and I noticed the accordion type on the AC unit was kind of messed up," said Trevino.

In the bedroom clothes were soaked and a smell of urine came from the corner.

"I just moved here in February and then we had the flood and all that and now this... one thing after another," said Trevino.

The family flooded during Harvey. Water reached the porch and they lost a car and air conditioning units. Just when they thought home was back to normal, "I don't know how far in the house he walked while we were sleeping and I do know he walked in there when my son was sleeping because items in the other room were also in my son's closet."

Eventually, mom called Liberty County deputies and they found Mike Even, 59, hiding under a blanket.

On Wednesday morning, deputies confirmed that the suspect was using a fake name. His real name is Charles Walker.

Also in the closet... a watch, necklace and a $100 check that actually had already been cashed.

Not the Thanksgiving this mom planned, but now on her mind making sure the next holiday her family is safe.

"It wasn't something I ever intended on having in my house, but I feel like I need to have something now," said Trevino.

We found court records in Harris County that show a man with a similar alias had just bonded out on a burglary charge days before this one. KHOU asked investigators and they told us they're running fingerprints to see if there's a connection.