Overnight burglaries of motorcycles and motorsport vehicles appear to be a trending crime in the Houston area as well as other southern states.

KHOU 11 News learned a northwest Harris County motorcycle and UTV dealership was hit by thieves late last month.

Burglars were caught on video stealing $50,000 worth of motorcycles from a dealer in southwest Houston last weekend.

The 1960 area heist was larger.

“They came in here and hotwired one of these units this Slingshot here and drove off,” said Houston Motorsports owner Dave Lednicky. “(It was) extremely difficult, but when you’re here for a while, you know, somebody had to know the layout.”

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The perimeter of Lednicky’s 1960-area business is surrounded by multiple layers of 6-foot, razor-wire fencing. Thieves were able to get through a portion of the fence and managed to hotwire two of the UTVs.

“We have so much security and so many cameras,” Lednicky said. “They checked all the front glass all the front windows they knew the possible areas. They knew a lot of the product, and in my opinion, they know a lot about the types of products we sell.”

Thieves were able to make off with about $60,000 worth of vehicles. However, one of the stolen UTVs was found abandoned nearby.

Lednicky says the area has become increasingly unsafe and says nearby businesses are routinely burglarized and robbed. He says the crime is the worst he has seen in his more than 20 years in the area.

“What we would like to see is the economy pick up in Houston,” Lednicky said. “It seems business increases and crime goes down, but that’s not the trend we’re in right now.”

Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman said he has not heard of any other recent burglaries similar to the 1960 heist in northwest Harris County. Constable Herman said he has not heard the theft may be related to a larger crime ring.

Cities in Louisiana and Mississippi have both reported similar burglaries of motorsport and motorcycle dealerships in the past week.