HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - It was a dramatic series of events that played out like a scene straight from a movie.

Trent Brooks, owner of Brooks’ Place BBQ and a firm believer in second amendment rights, put his own life at risk in a daring attempt to nab two bold thieves.

Brooks said he saw the crooks loading a stolen grill into the back of a pickup truck outside the Ace Hardware Store at 18020 FM 529 in Cypress.

He attempted to block the suspects in using his vehicle and even held one of the men at gunpoint.

According to Brooks, one of the suspects said he would return the grill.

However, moments later, the two suspects sped off down Barker Cypress. Brooks chased after them.

“We were doing 115 miles per hour,” explained Trent Brooks. “I’m tired of people getting away with this stuff. I can’t stand a thief.”

Brooks remained on the phone with 911 during the high speed chase.

The grill and two others, believed to be stolen from a nearby Kroger, tumbled out of the pickup during the pursuit.

It lasted for about 15 miles and ended around noon time when the truck came to a stop near Ranch Stone Drive and West Road.

The driver bailed out of the truck and dashed away on foot. Brooks ran toward the passenger side and pulled out his gun once again.

“He exact words were…you’re not going to shoot me… what are you going to do?,” recalled Brooks. “They have no fear with a gun being stuck to their heads. They resisted. I thought that was kind of strange. A normal person would get on the ground when commands are being screamed and there’s a gun pointed at you.”

Brooks said his business had been tampered with in recent days and a number of other businesses in the areas have been recently targeted as well.

“You’re out here stealing from people who are working hard. I don’t think that’s fair,” he added.

The menu at Brooks’ Place BBQ includes food categories such as “rounds” and “ammo”.

Brooks also has several signs posted encouraging customers to bring holstered firearms. Another sign warns that those with unholstered guns run the risk of being shot.

Brooks told KHOU 11 News that he didn’t have the heart to shoot either suspect because he is “pro-life” and did not view them as a direct threat.

Both criminals got away on foot and remain at large.

Investigators found several stolen Adirondack chairs loaded into the pack of the pickup truck that was abandoned.