HOUSTON – Men firing a gun in the middle of a northeast Houston neighborhood shot a 9-year-old boy who was inside his home, Houston Police say.

The shooting happened around midnight Sunday on Bringhurst near Highway 59.

The child’s mom told police that three young men showed up the house looking for her 12-year-old son.

“There was some kind of argument with the occupants in the middle of the street,” said Lt. Larry Crowson. “One of the suspects pulled out a pistol and fired several shots into the residence.”

“They fired, I’m going to say seven to eight shots,” said mother Shandrika Green. “I’m telling my 10-year old, get all your sisters and brothers and get to the back. Get to the back.”

One of those bullets struck a child inside the home. Green says Jabez was worried about his four-year old sister. “He said he thought about his sister, who is four-years old,” said Green. “He figured she was still on the couch watching TV, so he jumped up to go but he had to jump back. Because all he could see was bullets coming through the house everywhere.”

There were a total of four kids in the home, one as young as two, when those shots were fired, but no other injuries were reported.

Police say the boy was conscious as he was rushed to hospital. The fourth grader was shot in the leg, but the bullet managed to do damage to both of the boys ankles, according to his mom.

“I’m just, putting it in the Lord’s hands,” said grandmother Teresa Green. “That’s all. I’m just praying, just sitting here praying.”

The three young men were seen spotted running south from the home.

Police and family fear the suspects may return to the home.

Call Houston Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS if you have any information.