Police arrested four teenagers accused of a string of violent robberies, including an attack caught on camera that hurt a 76-year-old widow.

A second victim, 70, got hurt outside his home too.

“Hitting elderly people like that, they (could) be your parents,” Viet Tran, the son of the second victim. “They raise you. I don’t understand why they did that.”

Tran’s dad was still shaken and not ready for interviews Wednesday evening. However, he could not wait to hear how Houston Police tracked down his alleged attackers.

It took three hours. Investigators from Houston Police and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office started looking for suspects after a carjacking in the Alief area Monday morning, authorities said.

Soon after, surveillance cameras caught one of them attacking Kim Dang, 76, in her driveway. In the video, the suspect punched her from behind then stole her keys and silver Honda.

Minutes later, Tran’s father came home with his wife and groceries. They parked, left the car running and went into the house. Tran’s father came back outside to retrieve their groceries when two men aggressively approach.

“One (of the men) pointed a gun at (my father) in the face and shoved him against the car and punched him,” Tran said. “(My father) fell down and they took off.”

The suspects drove the stolen Toyota RAV4 three blocks then parked on Beechnut, Houston Police said. The teens stayed there long enough for officers to notice the stolen SUV then swarm.

Officers arrested two 16-year-olds and two 15-year-olds. All face misdemeanor evading charges. One of the 16-year-olds faces felony unauthorized use of a vehicle and felony evading.

“I believe at that age they should be in school,” Thuc Touong, one of Tran’s neighbors, said. “(The suspects) should not wonder around.”

“People like that shouldn’t be on the street,” Tran said. “And if they are, they’re going to hurt other people. So, it’s really a relief that HPD did a good job on it.”

Neighbors hope the crime spree is over.