Two men convicted of possessing stolen guns from a Carter’s Country store last year were sentenced to federal prison Tuesday.

Anthony Cannon, 21, and Tony Watkins, 24, pleaded guilty last September to being felons in possession of a firearm. Cannon was sentenced to 46 months in prison, and Watkins was sentenced to 57 months. Both Cannon and Watkins will be required to serve three years of supervised release after serving their prison sentences.

In March 2016, Houston police and ATF agents arrested multiple people and recovered several firearms stolen from Carter's Country Guns & Ammo on Wilcrest near the Southwest Freeway.

Raw video: Carter's Country gun store robbery

Surveillance video showed 10 suspects, using hoodies, masks and gloves to conceal their identities, break the front doors of Carter's Country gun store before one of them uses a pickup with chains to pull the security bars right off, and the others rush in.

Video showed suspects smashing the glass cases with hammers and jumping over the counter, grabbing long rifles by the armful and throwing handguns and ammo into bags.

Authorities discovered some of the stolen firearms were being sold. They set up surveillance and arrested Cannon and Watkins, who were found to be in possession of some of the stolen guns. As convicted felons, both men are prohibited from possessing a firearm. 

Officials say no one has yet been charged in the robbery of Carter’s Country, and the investigation is ongoing.