HOUSTON -- Police found a huge stash of cash after they raided an illegal game room in Spring Branch Friday.

They seized nearly $2 million from the nearby home of the Green Grass Game Room's owner.

The bust happened in northwest Houston early Friday after numerous complaints about the business from area citizens.

Inside, the gaming room looks like a casino with more than 100 machines. Police say the machines are not illegal, but using them to hand out money is.

Along with the seized cash, three arrests were made, and police say they are looking for two others.

The bust comes as part of a major six-month investigation involving organized criminal activity, police say.

Police say aggravated robbery, murder and burglaries are often tied to illegal game rooms.

"There's been more than one robbery in this parking lot that we tied directly to the game room," said HPD Sgt. Michael Hill. "These places have a lot of cash."

Investigators say there's no regulation of the game rooms and the machines are often rigged.

Police say they bust game rooms about once a week, but they rarely see this much money.