HOUSTON – A man was hospitalized after he was wounded during a drive-by shooting in northeast Houston.

According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, it happened at 10:30 p.m. Saturday when two brothers were talking on their cell phones and walking on Hopper to meet each other.

Investigators said one was walking east from the Eastex Freeway and one was walking west from Homestead. They were going to meet and then go to a New Year’s event.

As they were walking, a white pickup truck sped by eastbound on Hopper, deputies said.

One brother told the other, "man a pickup truck just went flying by me, do you see it?" About the same time, the other brother told him, “yes, it just came by me, slowed down, and I think I've been shot."

The other brother thought he was joking, so he started walking faster. Deputies said they finally reach each other, and the other brother saw the blood.

An ambulance came and transported him to the hospital in stable condition. He had been shot one time in the hip area.

Deputies said it is unknown if the shooting was random or if they targeted the brother.