A little girl is making it her mission to wrap her arms around police officers across the country. Monday, she greeted Houston police with open arms.

Seven-year-old Rosalyn Baldwin needs a running start when you ask her to show her what a hug looks like.

“I’m hugging the police officers. That’s what I’m doing,” Rosalyn said. “Because they’re special, and our heroes are dying, and I need to help them.”

She’s already hugged police officers in 25 states. Rosalyn has 25 more states to visit.

“Because God sent me on this mission of love. He said, 'Rosalyn you need to help these police officers.'”

The message, Rosalyn says, came last year after five Dallas police officers were killed in an ambush. her mother, Angie Baldwin, could deny her daughter the opportunity nor cops the chance.

“It feels like heaven on earth when you have these beautiful, young children that are connecting with law enforcement,” said Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo moments after he received a huge for Rosalyn. “I think it just recharges all of our batteries.”