HOUSTON – Religious leaders across the nation are calling for solidarity after the presidential election that has left the country divided.

Many people are wondering how that’s possible.

Churches all over the Houston area have been talking with parishioners about the issues separating America.

Community of Faith Church in northwest Houston dedicated a portion of its Sunday morning service to addressing the uncertainty that is consuming so many parishioners.

“People are anxious. People are nervous. Fear has gripped the hearts of many people. It’s a tense and sensitive time. We’ve seen passion coming from corners and circles and groups that we haven’t seen in a long time,” said Bishop James Dixon with Community of Faith Church.

Dixon said he’s seeing people coming back to church who have not been in a while as well as some first time church-goers.

He’s encouraging those who walk through his doors to “not allow one president to divide and separate” the country.

“While other nations outside this country are plotting and planning on how they will take advantage of us while we are divided, we need to come back quickly and figure out a way to come together as one nation under God,” he added.

Father Lawrence Jozwiak with Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in downtown Houston is talking with parishioners about finding peace in the unknown.

He’s also encouraging people to understand and accept those with different perspectives.

“Regardless of whoever had won, people would be struggling,” said Father Lawrence Jozwiak. “At every mass, I’m asking every person to pray every day this week for our newly elected officials for wisdom and also pray for the losers.”

Church-goers said they also feel an obligation to give perspective to the young generations on what it means to be an American and to “have faith” that everything will be okay.