The Houston Police Department discussed its efforts to help the homeless get off the streets on Tuesday, but concerns about their plan remain.

The department's Homeless Outreach Team spoke about their strategies to move the homeless into permanent housing.

Despite their success stories, some residents say there are still issues.

They pointed out the homeless camp under Highway 59 near Caroline as being a problem.

Particularly, they were concerned about public urination and those who using the camp as a cover to break into nearby homes and cars.

"I really feel like they're riding off the true homeless' coattails," said Kayla Ramsey, a business owner. "I really feel like they're taking advantage of the situation. They're not truly in need like some of those people who really are back there."

Mayor Sylvester Turner said the city's homeless population has been cut in half over the past six years. He also plans to move hundreds into permanent supportive housing within the next six months