HOUSTON - At The Knockout Factory in Houston's east end, pint sized boxers aren't scared to take a punch.

"If I'm mad, I just punch the bags and I let it all go," said boxer, Giovanni Barajas.

They're quick on their feet and pack a pretty mean one too.

"It's about defending yourself, that's why I like it," said boxer, David Renteria.

The area's best young boxers entered the ring for the Texas Future Legends competition Saturday night, a place where these boxers could show off how much work they've put in.

"They come here every day and they work 2 to 3 hours a day to get ready for these fights," said Angel Herrera of The Knockout Factory.

It's a tough sport that's taught them lessons like when life lands a jab, you take the hit, and get right back up.

"Boxing changed my life and it changed the life of a lot of these boxers," said Herrera.

Herrera says a lot of these young boxers find structure and discipline in the ring. He says it's events like these that help keep kids off the streets and focused on the future.

"We fight and we get paid or get a trophy," said Herrera. "It's a lot better than fighting and getting in trouble for it."

So in front of cheering parents and supporters, these little boxers didn't back down from a fight. They know whatever challenges they're staring down in the ring prepares them for much tougher days they'll face outside it.

"To us it's a ministry, teaching them the good from the bad and setting them up for life," said Herrera.

All proceeds from the fundraiser went to The Knockout Factory to help fund the gym and their multiple programs for local youth.