HOUSTON – The families of the people injured in a deadly shooting at the Haverstock Hills Apartments in March have filed a lawsuit against the complex owners and managers.

Two men were arrested in the shooting that left two dead and four others hurt.

Kenneth Jones, 35, is charged with capital murder. His brother, Harvey Jones, 34, has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The victims’ families now claim the Haverstock Hills Apartment Complex, where the shooting happened, is partly to blame as well.

During a news conference Friday morning, attorneys said the deaths could have been prevented had there been working gates, surveillance cameras, or security guards on the property.

“We are here because of the history this apartment complex has had of criminal activity and no activity on their part to safeguard their tenants. We’re here because there’s a lease agreement that says we will keep the lights functioning, the equipment functioning, and secure premises. They do none of that,” said Benny Agosto, Jr., the attorney representing the families.

Agosto says his clients are suing Equality-Lakeline, LLC, Equality Community Housing Corporation, and J Allen Management Company, which are the complex owners and management company.

“The lack of security, the people need to be protected up there. They can’t feel safe in their own homes. Kids can’t come out and play, because of a lack of security and lack of safety measures,” said Arthur Larkin, a victim of the shooting.

Larkin’s brother, Christopher Beatty, was one of the two men killed.

“He had told me like two weeks before, 'Mom I’m saving my money so I can move away from here',” said Tammy Larkin, Beatty’s mother. “He didn’t deserve this. He was shot in the back. He didn’t deserve to die.”

The lawsuit filed Friday asks for more than one million dollars.

Equality Community Housing Corporation and J Allen Management Company could not be reached for comment on Friday.