Houstonians huddled inside Bishop James Dixon’s Community of Faith church to tackle hate Monday night.

Some criticized President Trump, others questioned his morals, and members of the crowd even challenged one another.

Close to 60 people shared microphones and views on race relations and hate groups in the community. Some fear bloody demonstrations in Charlottesville over the weekend will embolden racists.

A few people at the “One Family, One Future” event blamed President Trump, who condemned the actions of white nationalists in the Virginia melee three days after it happened. Some felt the president’s words came too late.

People left Dixon’s church believing conversations on the issue between races only makes America greater.

“The perspectives of people coming from different places was really enlightening and broaden the conversation,” Bishop Dixon said. “When one person hears ‘Make America Great Again’ they hear one thing. Another thinks a different thing. But, they all want the same thing.”

“The thing we can do now is relay the positive message to say everybody we’re all equal,” J. Essex, an attendee said. “Let’s just think positive and look forward.”

“I think we have to absolutely recognize in this country that there is white privilege and what comes with it,” Jacquelyn Aluotto, another attendee. “And what I heard stressed is these are community issues.”

Dixon hopes to lead another town hall with perhaps a more diverse audience.