CYPRESS, Texas - Six weeks after Harvey, and we’re still “Houston Strong" and we continue to see the acts of kindness that prove it.

For the last month and a half, a Cypress woman raised money to help a complete stranger.

“If you can spell it, I can make it happen,” joked Heather Roberts from her home.

She’s been running a yard-greeting business out of her Fairfield home for the last year, and after Harvey hit, she wanted to help those in need. “Obviously, you see my room here and I keep walking past all these signs, and I thought, I can use my signs.”

For a $40 donation, Roberts set up yard signs that read “Houston Strong” or “Pray for Texas.”

She hoped at least 10 people would be willing to help her fundraiser that ran the entire month of September.

“I ended up doing 75 signs,” said Roberts. “I ended up being able to donate $4,000 to a family.”

Through her Facebook page, Sign Gypsies of Cypress, Roberts accepted nominations for the deserving family. She received about 15 nominations.

“All of them heartbreaking. And if I had the funds, I would love to give to every single one of them. There was one story that I just kept coming back to.” she said.

That story was written by Jennifer Vest. “Kim was a student I taught at Cy-Fair High School,” said Vest, a former high school English teacher turned principal.

Vest has kept in touch with Kimberley Henry for the last several years. The two are friends on social media and when Vest saw that Henry’s home had flooded and her five-year old son had recently been hospitalized, Vest nominated Henry for the help.

“Thirteen days before the storm hit, he was admitted into Texas Children’s Hopsital,” said Henry of her young son, Duncan.

A rare disease caused blisters to cover the boy’s body. His fever spiked to 105.9 degrees. He was released from the hospital just two days before the Henry’s home flooded.

“It’s months and years of recovery that they’re going to be trying to get back into their home,” said Roberts of the family’s struggle.

While the $4,000 donation won’t cover every single repair, “It’s more than anyone else has done like FEMA or the Red Cross,” said Henry.

And the blessings keep coming. Duncan is feeling better and Roberts’ donation will cover brand new kitchen cabinets - important, because Kim Henry is a baker who works from home.

“It’s just nice to see something good come out of something so terrible,” said Henry.