Houston's Mayor and Police Chief are getting an earful. Monday night, they met with people who live in Sunnyside about plans to build a community center on the site of an old landfill.

"Everybody knows that's a landfill," said Dikombi Gite, who opposed the proposed site.

Armed with red signs and many concerns, Sunnyside residents came to the Mayor's town hall to raise their voices. Up for debate, where to build a new community center in the inner city.

"I have no desire to try to force a fit, this is not about trying to force anything on you," said Mayor Sylvester Turner.

City leaders are proposing a new $25 million center at Sunnyside Park. It's just under two miles away, but the problem is the site used to be old landfill. Mayor Turner says the site tested clean in 2010 and again this year. It will be better he says than what they have now.

"You can stay here but you got 2 years you are going to be scattered all about," said the Mayor.

City leaders claim staying in the current building is the more costly option and services would be displaced while they build. However, for the residents raising red, the plan still stinks.

"That entire area was a landfill, so for you to say that it's not contaminated it's not correct," said Gite, an opponent to the plan. 

There are a few more community meetings planned. Ultimately, the Mayor will make a recommendation and city council would have the final say on any contracts for construction.