HOUSTON - More dollars from Washington D.C. is what the City of Houston wants to help prevent future flooding.

Local flood victims are even being encouraged to lobby lawmakers themselves. Retired mail carrier Frankie Atkins spent a career with the federal government.

“I’ll tell President Trump to get busy,” said Atkins.

She now wants Washington to deliver whatever’s needed to fix Houston’s flood problem.

“I’ve been flooded out before, but this was a real journey,” said Atkins. Her longtime home on Terminal Street got three feet of water during Harvey.

“I’ve been here like 47 years,” said Atkins. “It really came up this time.”

Wednesday morning, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner tweeted that flood victims like Atkins should lobby lawmakers by sending an email or letter with photos of their damage.

Meanwhile, a delegation from Houston City Hall will head to Washington D.C. next week to press for flood mitigation funding in person.

The mayor has spoken specifically about a third reservoir that could cost up to $500 million.

That’s possibly on top of the $61 billion package already submitted to the feds by the governor’s office.

“I would tell the mayor to use the money in this area,” said flood victim, Delsi Sanchez. “And not use is for something else.”

Perhaps a flood of public pressure from people like her and Ms. Atkins may help the money flow.
“We’re displaced once we’re flooded and it’s really hard,” said Atkins.

There’s no word on if President Trump himself might be at any meetings with Houston officials.
We’ll keep you posted on any developments.