While Hurricane Irma makes landfall, some Floridians are finding shelter in the Houston area.

Hank and Dee Henry have been married for 54 years, and are staying at their son Christopher’s house in Richmond to ride out the storm.

Being safe from Hurricane Irma is bittersweet for this couple as they watch the devastation the Houston area is facing after Harvey.

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With bright sun and gentle winds in Texas, the weather the Henrys are experiencing is in stark contrast to what they watch on TV in their home state.

“You don’t even know if the airport will be open Tuesday,” Hank Henry said. “You don’t know if your house is going to be there. Reality is starting so set in a little more.”

The Henrys were traveling in Arizona to visit Dee’s sick brother. They planned to head home to their double-wide trailer outside of Tampa, but their kids insisted they didn’t go back before the storm.

“I’m glad they’re here,” said their son Chris, who lives in Richmond. “Watching this [news coverage] – it’s scary.”

Dee and Hank Henry's Florida home. Photo courtesy Hand Henry.

The Henrys say witnessing Harvey’s aftermath has made reality set in for what they might find when they return home.

“All their stuff is out on the street,” Dee said. “That upset me. I’ve seen a lot of it on TV when I was down in Florida, but to see it in real life, that upset me.”

They fear their home is next, but they’re finding comfort in being with family.

“You know, it’s funny, when you get to be our age, we don’t even think about possessions,” Dee said. “Are my children safe? Are we going to be safe?”

The Henrys had planned to go home on Tuesday, but they say their kids are making them stay in Houston a bit longer.