BEAUMONT – The city of Beaumont lifted the boil water notice Saturday afternoon. The city is advising people to run your water for several minutes before consuming it.

This comes after the notice went into effect on Sept. 1.

For about a week, tap water for thousands of residents was “hit or miss.”

Lamar University Environmental Engineering Director Dr. Jerry Lin previously told 12 News chlorine was being added to the system.

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The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality generally approves human consumption within 24 hours of determining whether water is safe.

First flush hot water faucets for 15 minutes, and cold water faucets for five minutes, or until it feels cold.

Here are some instructions the city suggests you follow before drinking the water:

  • Flush your refrigerator filter for a least a quart of water, or change the filter
  • Ice cubes from refrigerators: Automatic ice dispensers should be emptied of ice made during the boil order and run through a 24-hour cycle, discarding the ice to assure purging of the icemaker water supply line
  • Run your dishwasher empty for a full cycle
  • Humidifiers: Discard any water used in humidifiers, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), oral, medical or health care devices, and rinse the device with clean water.
  • Clean, then flush every toilet with a quick flush
  • Change all water filters currently in use
  • Clean and sanitize all pet bowls