KEMAH, Texas – Dozens of drivers were stopped on Highway 146 after asphalt stuck to their vehicles' tires Friday afternoon.

Traffic steered drivers into a sticky mess.

“All of a sudden these big clumps started coming off the road of tar gravel,” said Cris Lussier, a driver.

Asphalt thought to be dry peeled off and stuck to the tires of nearly 40 cars and trucks. All of them stalled.

“Man, we thought the tires (on my truck) were coming off,” said driver Jason Mcrae. “The guy in front of me went flat.”

Mcrae, a fishing guide for Fat Fish Adventures, waited five hours for a tow. However, some wrecker trucks had trouble with the asphalt too.

“It (was) ripping everything out and all the wheels (on the cars were) just stuck,” said Ira Bacon, a tow truck driver.

Texas Department of Transportation contractor Angel Brothers Construction paves roads all over the state. They use the same materials in many projects and said this was the first time new asphalt did not stick where poured.

The company’s director could not name a cause.

“We will test samples to determine if there was something existing on the roadway or dropped on the roadway that ended up ruining the bonding process,” said Brad Porterfield of Angel Brothers Construction.

With so many wheels ruined, the company towed victims and promised to fix damaged cars.

“I’m mostly worried that that’s the only car I have and how quickly they’re going to get me another truck to drive while they fix it,” Lussier said.