AUSTIN, Texas -- The Austin Police Department will soon put their Ford police interceptor sport utility vehicles back to use in the force after carbon monoxide issues, KVUE's and the Austin American's Statesman's Tony Plohetski confirmed Thursday.

Plohetski said this is happening after officials believe that manufacturer repairs will stop the flow of the poisonous gas into the vehicles. Interim Police Chief Brian Manley said at a press conference Thursday that the repairs were made under Ford's guidance. Manley told the Statesman and KVUE that the city is set to receive its first shipment of 10 repaired vehicles on Monday.

Additional testing will be done before the cars are put into use. Manley said at the conference that the department is purchasing instruments that will allow them to perform air quality control in patrol units.

The city is then set to receive 20 cars each week from Ford until each of the 400-plus SUVs are returned to service. APD took all of the cars off their fleet in July.