Oh man do I hate Ragweed season in Houston. As a rule, I try not to 'hate' anything, but ragweed allergies are an exception to that rule. It's the itchy throat that really gets me. It effects everyone differently. Some get that post nasal drip that turns into a sore throat, that turns into a cough, that turns into bronchitis, that turns into a trip to the doctor.

The stuff grows wild, in seemingly every ditch and roadside in Houston. It starts to bloom in mid August and dumps it's horrible pollen on us through the end of November. I remember plenty of Decembers that we're pretty bad too.

Washing your face and hands with cold water is recommended to help remove some of the pollen when you walk inside. After that it's hot tea and lemon that helps control my itchy throat. A kind KHOU11 viewer witnessed my misery on the air one morning and suggested a Halls cough drop in the hot tea. It worked great! To this day it's my go to at work remedy.