As soon as the Christmas tree was lit, 7-year-old Jadyn knew it was finally time.

"I went over there to Papa's office to grab pencil and paper, and I started writing," said Jadyn Carrizales.

The words started to flow, but as Jadyn wrote, his mom Nicole Davila realized this wasn't your average letter to Santa.

"Usually, it's this long list of toys, everything he's been dreaming of all year," said Nicole. "But this year was different."

Jadyn wanted Santa to know that kids in Houston deserve an extra special Christmas.

In the letter, Jadyn wrote:

"Dear Santa,
This year you can bring me whatever you want to because I want you to bring lots of toys to all the kids that lost their homes in Harvey storm. Thank you so much."

"A lot of kids lost their home in Harvey, they don't have a home," said Jadyn.

Jadyn's letter to Santa was beautifully imperfect. Different drafts of the same letter show how it developed.

His list of toys were X'ed out, when Jadyn remembered what really matters. The letter moved Jadyn's grandma to tears.

"I asked him what made you write this letter, and he pointed to this family values poster we have on the wall," said Mariella Davila, Jadyn's grandmother.

The list of rules is long, but for Jadyn, one rule in the tiniest of fonts stood out.

"'Think of others before yourself,'" said Jadyn. "I felt bad for other people."

By now that special letter is already at the North Pole, and this Cypress family is hoping Santa listens to the heart of a 7-year-old boy.

"Hopefully Santa brings one or two (toys) for him, and the rest for the other kids," said Mariella.