SARASOTA, Fla. -- Five performers were injured after they fell from a high-wire act rehearsal at Circus Sarasota outside of University Town Center on Wednesday.

Four victims were confirmed as trauma alerts. There were no fatalities reported.

In total, eight performers were on the wire practicing the final act, the pyramid, about 20 feet from the ground. It was part of Circus Sarasota's record-breaking attempt to perform the eight-person stunt, circus founder and CEO Pedro Reis said during a media briefing.

The performers are part of a troupe of funambulists starring world-famous high-wire walker Nik Wallenda. They were performing final rehearsals ahead of the Circus Sarasota's opening show on Friday.

Wallenda was on the high-wire at the time of the fall but was not injured, Reis said. Wallenda posted an image of the pyramid stunt on his Twitter account.