PEARLAND, Texas - Two children are back home after police say their mother left them inside a running car in a closed garage.

The children were rushed to the hospital Thursday afternoon for carbon monoxide poisoning, according to officials.

Pearland police say the mother left her 8-year-old and 9-month-old inside the car. The boy and girl were found unconscious.

A neighbor who ran to help said the mother claims the car had only been running for about 5 minutes.

“Her baby, her baby, her baby. So I ran down there to see what was going on,” said Michael Sam, a neighbor.

Sam found a frantic mom, panicking. When he got to the garage, he says she had already backed her car out of the garage.

Police say the kids passed out due to excessive carbon monoxide.

Sam said he tried to help the unconscious kids as they waited for the ambulance to arrive.

“The baby started crying before they left, but I didn’t see the little girl,” Sam said.

People in the Pearland townhome community are talking about what happened.

“I’m praying for the mom, I’m praying for the kids,” said Nargiz Mumolive, another neighbor.

It’s a conversation that includes neighbors' question of how this could happen in the first place.

“Every morning I pull my car outside my garage, outside my door and let it run,” said neighbor, Gloria Ruffin. “I never leave it, even with me inside the car, because it’s dangerous. So for her to leave children... I don’t know her state of mind.”

Both of the children were taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital downtown.

According to police, the mom is not facing any charges at this time.