HOUSTON- Lotto scratch-off tickets are always a fun little stocking stuffer or a great gift for an office party. But this year, the Texas Lottery is warning people to gift responsibly.

The new campaign will literally flash before your eyes when at a convenience store register. It’s the latest push by the Lotto commission to prevent gambling addiction and high-risk behavior.

“We discourage underage play and are proud to once again join NCPG’s responsible gaming campaign to encourage players to gift responsibly this holiday season,” said Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery. “Our games are designed to be entertaining stocking stuffers or holiday office party gifts, but they are not intended for anyone under 18 years old.”

“I don’t consider it gambling,” said Lesleigh Gilmore. “It’s been a tradition for like, gosh, since my grandmother was alive. So we all get lotto tickets. Everyone gets five.”

Matthew DeHaven started stuffing the stockings of his two children with scratchers last year. “We explain to our children that it is a special thing for the holidays and that we enjoy it together as a family.”

Gilmore agreed.

“It’s just a fun little tradition. You know, everybody gets together with their penny and they all scratch off at the same time. It’s just fun,” said Gilmore.