There’s no better time than right now to plan out your Black Friday shopping. Whether you’re busting down doors or logging in this Black Friday there are several steps you can take to save money.

  1. Log into shopping retailers online and fill up your shopping cart with items you’re interested in. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, log back in because retailers want to complete the deal possibly by offering discounts or even free shipping.
  2. Retailers are tracking your search history by device. Shopping on your phone, tablet or desktop could provide different deals depending on your search history.
  3. Most large retailers have a live chat feature online where you can ask questions before you buy. Even when you’re in the store, it’s not too late to ask for discount codes.
  4. Price matching is still an option even if it’s not advertised. At several Houston-area Walmarts the decision to price match a competitor is left to the manager on staff.

The Real Deal by RetailMeNot provides several other shopping tips you can use this holiday weekend.