Two multi-state lottery jackpots now total nearly a billion dollars.

It’s the first time both the Powerball and Mega Millions drawings have simultaneously topped more than $400 million.

Rudy’s Stop & Shop in Rosenberg is a lottery landmark. People from all over Texas and even other states come to buy tickets.

“It’s a lucky spot in Texas,” said owner Mike Prasla. “We’re the number one retailer in the state.”

And sales always go up when the jackpots do.

“People come from Galveston,” said Prasla. “We had a customer come from Port Lavaca.”

Barry Farley’s wife sent him from Wharton.

“I got two Mega Million and two Powerballs,” said Farley. “Which is the big one.”

Right now, the Powerball jackpot stands at $550 million while the Mega Million is $445 million.

That makes Saturday’s Powerball jackpot, in particular, likely the eighth largest lottery prize ever.

“I’ve got some kids and step-kids and ex-wives and, hell, I could spread it around all over the place,” said Farley.

The back of each Powerball ticket clearly states the odds of winning the top prize.

It’s one in 292,201,338.

Recent rule changes have resulted in even worse chances of winning.

But they also mean higher jackpots.

“You never can tell which one’s going to win,” said Wesley Davis.

Davis has spent thousands of dollars on lottery tickets over the years and is still chasing that life-changing payoff.

“I’ve been playing at Rudy’s for 15, maybe 20 years,” said Davis. “But I’m still trying.”

Lottery lovers say somebody has to win eventually and it might as well be them.

Here’s a link to the Texas Lottery explaining where proceeds go: