AUSTIN, Texas == Austin Bergstrom-International Airport is handling all the tourists flying in for South By Southwest.

People are flying in from all over the country for the festival. KVUE even caught up with Montel Williams, who stopped for some pictures and autographs in the airport. He'll be speaking on a panel at the Hilton downtown on Friday.

Once those people get out of the airport and hail a ride, some of them say they're seeing ride-share drivers that could be operating illegally.

Lochie Earl said he plans on using ridesharing for scheduling rides to and from events. KVUE asked him what he does to make sure he's getting a safe driver.

"To be honest I've never really been too worried," Earl answered.

"I never think about it that much," Lynzie Rodgers said. "It's sad but true."

A City of Austin spokesperson recommends only booking rides with transportation network companies that are city approved. Also, before you get in a car look for a trade dress, which in most cases is a company logo, in the windshield. This is required for all Austin drivers to operate.

Contrary to popular belief, drivers do not have to display their "fingerprint verified" sticker. Even though the city doesn't require drivers to place that fingerprint sticker on their dash, many that KVUE spoke to Thursday said they still do because they want passengers to feel safe.

Fasten driver Wlid Zaara said he sees drivers without any markings. Just last week, he confronted one.

"He told me 'I'm just working, picking up people,'" Zaara said. "He wasn't permitted. This is my full time job so if people come and work randomly without doing all the stuff to make it legal, it's not good for our business."

Frustrating for him, but educational for others. A few things to think about before you take your next rideshare.

City officials said if you have any issues with your rideshare, you can report them to 311.