At Buchanan's Native Plants in the Heights, Christmas trees are selling like hotcakes.

"We sold 500 trees this past week, that's half of our tree stock for the year," said Zach Buchanan, operations manager at the popular plant shop.

They still have lots to pick from, but the selection this year is different.

"It's unfortunate that people looking for a specific tree might not be getting it this year," said Buchanan.

Across the country, Christmas trees are in short supply. Farmers in Oregon and North Carolina where most Christmas trees come from can't keep up with demand.

"Can't order more Monday and get them on Friday, basically what we have is what you get," said Buchanan.

Noble firs are down the most. Buchanan's has 200 to 300 fewer Nobles than last year and like other sellers.

"This year it was noticeable," said Buchanan.

Prices have had to inch up too. A six foot Noble fir now starts at $130. Most sellers have raised prices anywhere from $5 to $10 or more depending on the size of the tree.

"Our last shipment just arrived today," said Buchanan.

Buchanan's not expecting any more tree deliveries after today. So the most important thing to remember, this year isn't the year to wait to find that perfect tree.

"If you move early you'll be able to get the tree you want," said Buchanan.