Rackspace CEO Taylor Rhodes announced on his company blog on Tuesday that the San Antonio-based cloud computing and hosting company will lay off 6 percent of its workforce.

"Rackspace today initiated layoffs that will cut our U.S. workforce by about 6 percent," Rhodes said on his blog, while promising that his company will still expand its services and workforce in the future. "We’re confident we can accomplish these reductions without any effect on the expertise and exceptional customer service we provide to our customers."

But employees are disappointed and have taken to the internet to voice their complaints.

One redditor, named TechMaster210, posted to the San Antonio subreddit their disappointment in the announcement:

Heads up about 500 people are getting laid off today. Many good people will hit the road in favor of Apollos intention to cut expenses and make the company more profitable on the books. Customer service will sink to even new lows.

If you're thinking about working there - look elsewhere.

If you're thinking about starting hosting with Rackspace - don't do it expecting great service.

Good luck to all my Racker friends in finding new jobs. Remember this is nowhere near the same company with the same values it had 12-15 years ago. You are better off working for an employer that has solid ethics and values.