A Houston mother and daughter have teamed up to give away 50,000 free bathing suits through their online company, “Love and Bikinis.”

They're doing this hoping to get the word out, and gain traction on their yearlong project

It’s not your typical designer studio, but in this quaint garage, what seems to lack in glitz and glam is instead overflowing with heart.

“We’re living the American dream right now” said Olga Parks, owner of Love & Bikinis.

Olga Parks,48, left Mexico 23 years ago. She was in pursuit of a better life for her and her children.

Now that her girls are all grown up, she’s following her own passion, designing high quality bikinis online with her daughter.

“I am very excited, it’s just unbelievable, I just can’t believe we’re finally here,” said Parks.

Following in her mother’s footsteps, 29-year-old Elizabeth Macedo left behind her corporate job with an entrepreneurial spirit.

“I’ve always had that I want to own my own business mentality,” said Elizabeth Macedo, co-owner of Love & Bikinis.

Opening the doorway to “Love and Bikinis,” an idea that blossomed a year ago, after the two recognized a need in the market.

“We couldn’t find what we wanted, sometimes because of the sizes, other times the quality wasn’t as good,” said Parks.

So, the women took matters into their own hands.

“We started making our own,” she said.

From velvet to lycra, these colorful bikinis retail between $70 to $120, but starting Monday night, if you’re quick, you can get it at a bargain.

For the next two weeks, 50,000 bathing suits will be up for grabs.

The bikinis are 100 percent free, the only thing that’ll cost you is a $12 shipping and handling fee to get it delivered to your home.

An idea, this duo hopes will launch their start-up into stardom.

“This is where your dreams come true, the U.S.” said Parks.

When asked how they're able to give away so many swimsuits, the ladies say they got a great deal from their manufacturers. They're also using some of their savings to make this possible.

If you'd like to nab one of the free bikinis, click here or find them on Instagram.