Millions of Americans did their Christmas shopping online Monday to take advantage of hot deals.

When all of the online sales are added up, “Cyber Monday” 2017 is expected to be bigger than ever.

And even people fond of brick and mortar stores are quickly converting.

“My husband texted me and said 'Go get this,'” Serina Truhlar said.

Serina Truhlar was the first in line at Amazon’s Treasure Truck in West Houston.

The Amazon Treasure Truck is rolling through Houston with some hot Cyber Monday deals. (Amazon)

It carries a limited quantity of one product that you can order through the app and pick up in person as it roams around the city.

“I’m getting the WowWee Fingerling,” said Truhlar. “A little toy monkey that clutches your finger.”

The Fingerling, one of this year's hottest toys, was just one of the things Truhlar and her husband bought on Cyber Monday.

“I bought makeup online this morning,” said Truhlar.

Truhlar says she still likes to shop at places in person. She even ventured out on Black Friday.

But stores like Amazon and others are now shipping products ordered online at record pace.

“I think we’ll see numbers that are much higher than previous years,” said UH Consumer Sciences professor Barbara Stewart.

Stewart has studied trends since the early 1980s and has seen many traditional malls die amid the rise of online shopping.

In fact, some 96% of Americans now show online to some extent.

“Where a few years ago it was just the younger consumer,” said Stewart. “Now it’s everybody.”

She says more and more people are making the shift from brick and mortar retail to online shopping.

But Stewart says there will always be a need for specialty stores and personal service you can’t get online.

As for the Treasure Truck, it made three stops in Houston on Cyber Monday.