HOUSTON - The day after Christmas is all about the deals.

"It's cheaper, so it's good," said Martha Becker. Whatever Santa forgot to bring you, now you can find on your own.

"I'm just out browsing for myself," said Marilyn Cixon. At Memorial City Mall, almost every store lured in shoppers with dramatic discounts, anywhere from 50 to 80 percent off.

"All the stuff they couldn't sell they put on sale so what you could've got for Christmas now you get cheaper," said Alex Becker.

But the day after Christmas also means fixing whatever Santa or the stores screwed up and there's been a steady flow of people in people line for returns at Target.

"It's very stressful," said Henry Castro. Castro's been trying to return an Apple Watch at Target right after unpleasant Christmas Day surprise.

"We opened the box and it wasn't an Apple Watch, I don't even know what this is," Castro. His post-Christmas return experience just hasn't been jolly.

"Don't know how this happened," said Castro. "But I've dealt with manager, three customer service reps and they just wouldn't return it."

Americans return about $90 billion worth of gifts after Christmas. So to avoid any issues, check the store's specific return policy before going in.

If you can, 1) don't open the box, 2) keep gifts receipts/don't remove price tags, 3) and always bring your ID or the card you purchased it with.