AUSTIN, Texas -- Healthy food chain, My Fit Foods, a conveniently packaged meal store, shut its doors over the weekend, permanently and without warning.

The North Austin-based food company announced the news on their website Sunday, although they didn't a provide a specific reasoning for the shutdown.

According to a comment on our KVUE Facebook page, one woman, who was employed by the company, said the news, "left me unemployed unexpectedly and I still haven't received the paycheck."

According to the company's LinkedIn page, their meal plans could be found in 40 plus retail locations across the country. It's not known how many people are out of a job due to their abrupt announcement.

The statement released on their website reads:

Since 2006, My Fit Foods has been on a mission to make healthy eating easy and accessible for everyone. We've enjoyed getting to know you, and we are proud that we have made a difference in many of your lives.

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of all our stores. We know that you have depended upon us to support your healthy habits, and we are deeply sorry for any inconvenience our closure may have caused you.

Thank you for your kind support these past years.

Please direct any inquiries to

“It sounds a little suspicious that it would be so immediately,” customer Becky Kates said.

At the North Austin location along Research Blvd., all of the food was left in the refrigerator.

“And that's disturbing too -- that the food can't be given to someone at least,” long-time customer Jeanie Hermansen said. "Everything is set up to ring people up, looks like they just left a table with a napkin on there. They left in a big hurry."

Hermansen and her husband have been eating at the My Fit Foods for years. She said their healthy meals even helped them lose weight. Which is why the couple invested in the store’s private account, a special meal program.

For the store’s 21 day challenge, Hermansen loaded nearly $800 into their account.

“Now we don't know what is going to happen to our money,” Hermansen said.

The couple tried contacting the food chain but got an automatic response, stating a representative would contact them as soon as possible.

KVUE’s Nicole Rosales went to the health chain’s headquarters at the Plaza on the Lake. Although their company is still listed in the directory, no one was in the office and the My Fit Foods nameplate was removed.

All account holders can do now is wait. As for Hermansen, she hopes for one thing.

"That he can do what's right for his customers,” she said.