With only seven days to go until Christmas, Texas Tamale Company is packing up boxes by the thousands.

"We're dealing with 30 to 40 times more packages than any other Monday or any day like that," said Chief Operations Officer Louis McEneny.

It's their busiest shipping day of the year, too.

"We're shipping them all across the country," McEneny said.

And they can't do it without delivery companies like FedEx. It's a total team effort between local businesses and the shipping crews working nonstop to load up trucks full of all types of Christmas goods and gifts just so they can get to your door on time.

"It's unreal what they're able to do, the people, the assets, technology to get it done," McEneny said.

The U.S. Postal Service estimates it'll deliver more than 200 million packages between now and Christmas Eve. It's an unprecedented amount of packages that could shatter records for all major shipping companies.

"If they say they can get it there, they can get it there," McEneny said.

By the end of the week, Texas Tamale Company will have shipped more than 2,500 boxes.

"It's an all-hands-on-deck situation trying to make sure we get through the holiday season," McEneny said.