Another coupon that's just too good to be true on Facebook.

You can't help but click it..but don't.

The fake coupon says Bed Bath and Beyond offering $75 off in-store purchases. The ad claims it's celebrating Mother's Day.

Usually the company does 10 percent off or something along those lines, but $75 off seems like a lot of money to just be giving out even for Mothers Day.

First place I went to verify this was none other than Bed Bath & Beyond's website. When you type in coupon it doesn't just list all the available coupons. You have to make a "My Offers" account and when I did it said I had no available offers.

Then I went onto a website called Snopes which verifies if offers like this are fake or not. This is where I found what the coupon was claiming. It said Facebook users can receive a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon in exchange for sharing a post or taking a survey.

Finally, I went onto Bed Bath & Beyond's Facebook page and here's where I found the fake ad and the company posted the coupon saying it is not real and they are partnering with Facebook to have it removed.

So, after verifying, I can confidently say that this coupon offer is false. So do not click on anything that has to do with this coupon.

If you do, you could end up getting those hard to cancel reward offers or worse... your personal information could be leaked.