In an open letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is asking the AG’s office to look into the way the San Antonio Police Department handled a smuggling case in December.

SAPD Chief William McManus has recently come under fire for releasing the undocumented immigrants found in a trailer on December 23. McManus says that because the immigrants were victims of trafficking, they were not held or charged with any crime and, instead, were released into the custody of Catholic Charities.

Now Lt. Gov. Patrick says that the move “could” be in violation of Senate Bill 4, which prevents local officials from establishing “sanctuary cities” for undocumented immigrants.

Nowhere in the letter does Patrick claim that what McManus did was illegal, only that the incident should be investigated for possible violations of S.B. 4.

You can read the letter, in its entirety, below:

Dear Attorney General Paxton:

I am very troubled by the recent news reports of the San Antonio police chief releasing suspected illegal immigrants in a case of human trafficking or human smuggling without proper investigation, identification of witnesses, or cooperation with federal authorities. Such action could be in direct violation of the recently passed Senate Bill 4 and threatens the safety of citizens and law enforcement.

Should your office receive a citizen complaint as required by Senate Bill 4, I encourage you to act swiftly to ensure San Antonio Police Department is in compliance with the law.

Thank you for all you do for our great state.


Dan Patrick

Lt. Governor of Texas