A North Texas Blaze Pizza employee's tweet about an unexpected tip from Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant may have backfired spectacularly Wednesday afternoon.

Kristal Jacobs, a self-described New York Giants fan, tweeted, "Dez Bryant came into my work and tipped me $75 but I still hate the cowboys."

And because we know the power of social media, Bryant saw the post. He quoted the tweet, saying he was going to boycott that Blaze Pizza location.

"I won't be having blaze pizza at that location again lmao," he wrote.

Cowboys fans were having a field day with the encounter, wishing it had happened to them. After Bryant's tweet racked up thousands of retweets and replies, Jacobs sent a series of tweets clarifying later Wednesday.

"We all appreciated the tip," she wrote. "I'm just a giants fan and was joking around. It was nothing personal.

".@DezBryant don't think I'm not grateful. I am. It's all we talked about today because it was so awesome."

If this goes on much longer, they may have to escalate the issue to Blaze Pizza investor and noted Cowboys fan LeBron James.