Preparing for surgery is emotionally hard for many people, but can be especially tough for children.

We met 6-year-old Miles this week before he underwent surgery to have his tonsils removed. The procedure sounds scary for a child, not to mention being wheeled into an operating room.

"A lot of the kids that come to the hospital are a little scared about being here, and their anxiety levels can be through the roof," said Nayeli Longoria, a child life specialist at The Children's Hospital of San Antonio.

The Children's Hospital of San Antonio is literally driving out the fear with a new motorized truck.

"Hopefully he doesn't take anyone out along the way," joked Miles' mother, Eileen Woolsey.

Instead of tonsils or surgery, Miles said that he was focused on "driving the truck."

"The car allows them to drive themselves back to the operating room, so by doing that, it really takes away some of that fear and that anxiety and it gives back some control," Longoria explained.

The hospital says that the truck is a hit with patients and employees. They hope to get more soon and welcome any donations to assist.