The countdown is officially on. There's not much time to get those last-minute gifts in before the big day, but some stores are trying to do what they can to help you finish your Christmas list.

Forty percent off everything. Yep. Everything. That's a big bargain for any store, especially for a mom-and-pop shop like Grace Anna's Boutique in Rice Village.

It's the deal they're making with customers to get them off the computer.

“The younger group, 30s, 20s, they're more likely to shop online," Manager Annie Patten said.

And into their store.

“We just promote through Instagram, in store, 40 percent off, buy one get one half off and that really drive traffic in here versus online," Patten said.

And now, they offer curbside pickup.

“If they want it, they can just pay for it over the phone, and pick it up if they don't want to pay for parking," Patten said.

It's just another thing brick and mortar stores are having to do to compete.

Toys R Us and Kohl's are staying open 24/7 until Christmas Eve.

“It's kind of sad for the people that work, but a lot of people are making extra money for Christmas so it helps out," shopper Caryl Scott said.

In addition to its marathon hours, Toys R Us is toying with a new concept -- their play lab -- where kids can test the toys out before Santa buys them.

But will the in store experience ever expire?

“A lot of people just come here for the service," Patten said.

These holiday shoppers hope not.

“I do order online, but I send about half of it back, and if you go in the store and try it on, that alleviates that problem," shopper Phyllis Alexander said.

“In store, it's for me. But online, it's for everybody else," Scott said.