CUERO, Texas -- A long-time rival city sent a surprise to people living in Cuero. An 18-wheeler full of water and supplies pulled into town late Tuesday morning.

It's much-needed relief for an area still recovering from Hurricane Harvey.

The truck came to Cuero from Worthington, Minnesota, which for years has maintained a friendly rivalry with with the Texas town.

The cities each have turkey mascots that compete in annual races.

"It started as who was the turkey capital of the world. Worthington or Cuero?" said Angie Cuellar, a Cuero resident who is helping sort donations. "So it started out with that and it has just grown into much more, just family and friendship in the bonds over those 45 years have grown stronger."

Students and volunteers found food, clothes, furniture and even handwritten cards in the truck.

Cuero suffered significant flooding and storm damage from Hurricane Harvey.

Lifeway Baptist Church has major water damage, but its members managed to create a makeshift distribution center in the sanctuary for Cuero and nearby communities in need.

"We figured, well we could still serve out of it and when the shelter closed here at the intermediate school in Cuero we decided to move supplies here," said Cuellar.

The driver of the truck from Worthington, Phil Smith, knows what it's like to endure tough times. He is recovering from esophageal cancer.

Phil and his wife, Rita, donated the use of their truck and said this was a trip they had to make.

"It's our way of giving back to the Lord. We've been blessed and we want to just pass it on," Phil said.

"It's just such a privilege for us to be here," Rita said. "We just feel really blessed and overwhelmed that we get to do this."