DALLAS -- Your taxes are due in just under two weeks and for those procrastinators, there's an nteresting option here in Dallas.

High school students turned IRS certified tax preparers will do your taxes for free.

It's happening at Woodrow Wilson High in east Dallas. If you live nearby, it's one of a handful of IRS approved locations for free tax preparations.

The DISD campus has partnered with the Internal Revenue Service for three years to prepare at least 100 returns annually for any taxpayer earning $54,000 or less.

Carlos Griego is a senior who plans to attend LSU after graduation. He says in two years of preparing tax returns at school, he's lost count of how many taxpayers he's helped.

"At the end, once we’re finished, the big refund they’re going to get, that they’re actually going to get something back,” Griego said.

Students at Wilson are meeting for in-person tax filing on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons starting at 4 p.m. and Saturday tax preparing beginning at 9 a.m. at 100 S. Glasgow in Dallas.

The IRS lists free tax prep providers here.